New Mexico Decennial Census Focus Group Subcommittee


The Decennial Census Focus Group will support Local, State, and Federal coordination and facilitation of Census geography programs relevant to the 2020 Decennial Census in New Mexico. Leading up to the 2020 Decennial Census and the 2020 Census Redistricting Data Program, the "Focus Group" will enable a cohesive, unified, and focused New Mexico engagement with the Census Bureau staff, support programs, and initiatives.


Billions of dollars in federal funding to states is dependent on decennial census counts. New Mexico has several hard to count populations and in the past has seen undercounts that translate into many millions of dollars in lost federal funds. The "Focus Group" will help ensure that the Census Bureau counts every New Mexican in the 2020 Census.

To derive the best possible products and outcomes from Census programs, it is important for relevant New Mexico state and local government and academic entities to develop a well-conceived and intentional approach to collaborating with the Census Bureau and with each other.

For additional information specific to New Mexico and the upcoming "Local Update of Census Addresses (LUCA)" program, please access our one page Fact Sheet.


Larry Brotman, Geospatial Manager
NM Tax and Revenue Department
Suzan Reagan, Director State Data Bank
Bureau of Business and Economic Research
Robert Rhatigan, Research Scientist
Geospatial Population Studies
Shirley Baros, Director
Earth Data Analysis Center

Subcommittee Members: Requested from the following entities:

Documents and Links

Census "Geographic Partnership Programs" requiring New Mexico participation and useful websites include: