New Mexico State Agency Map Services

Environmental GIS Map:

This map shows a general collection of environmental subjects of interest, such as underground storage tanks, concentrated animal feeding operations, hazardous waste sites, landfills, and locations that are being sampled for quality such as drinking water sources and aquifers.

Agency: NM Environment Department


Surface Water Quality Board:

This map shows surface water features being monitored by the NM Environment Department, such as lakes, streams, watersheds, and their monitoring stations.

Agency: NM Environment Department


Environmental Justice Mapping Tool:

This tool is used by the NM Environment Department's Environmental Justice Task Force to assess impacts of permit holders on areas of the state that may be legally underrepresented, such as tribal lands, colonias, and counties with low household income.

Agency: NM Environment Department


Ground Water Quality Bureau:

This map shows ground water assets in NM with New Mexico Tech's famous Geologic Map of New Mexico as a background layer.

Agency: NM Environment Department


Outstanding National Resource Waters:

This map shows resource waters in the Valle Vidal and perennial rivers and streams, lakes, and wetlands within US Forest Service Wilderness Areas.

Agency: NM Environment Department


Source Water Protection Atlas:
SWPA User Manual

US Congress provided for source water protection in the 1996 Safe Drinking Water Act amendments and required that the states use, "all reasonably available hydrogeologic information on the sources of the supply of drinking water in the state and the water flow, recharge, and discharge..." The purpose of the Source Water Protection Atlas is to provide online access to the tremendous amount of existing hydrogeologic information that can be used to comply with this statutory requirement. Intended users of the Atlas include public water supply systems, businesses, farmers, ranchers and homeowners, and government agencies that have water-management responsibilities. The Atlas was created by ongoing collaborative work between the NM Environment Department, the NM Bureau of Geology and the NM Department of Health, and was funded, in part, by the US Environmental Protection Agency and by the Centers for Disease Control.

Agency: NM Environment Department


Geographic Information System Screening Tool of New Mexico:

This map shows Underground [Petroleum] Storage Tank facilities in NM ranked by their potential to leak and impact in case of a spill, as well as Leaking Underground Storage Tanks ranked by priority.

Agency: NM Environment Department


New Mexico Broadband Map:

The Broadband Web Map for New Mexico displays those areas within the State where Broadband is accessible. Included is an "Address Finder" where users can tap in an address and discover what Broadband Technologies and Providers are available to them.

Agency: NM Department of Information Technology
Developer: Earth Data Analysis Center/UNM
Funding: National Telecommunications Information Administration


New Mexico Watch - Wildfires:

The NM Broadband Program is researching ideas that will benefit from the core development of the Online Broadband Mapping functions managed by the NM Department of Information Technology (DoIT) and implemented by Earth Data Analysis Center (EDAC/UNM). The "New Mexico Watch Demonstration Project" that focuses on Statewide Wildfire Reporting is an example of building onto the existing structure created by the Broadband Program. The web site is "interactive". Meaning users who have broadband access (field/home/office) can measure (area and distances), draw to establish focus areas, annotate, and print. Also, individuals can tap in an address, zoom to that location, and reference the fire incident to an area. In addition, the locations of emergency operations centers, fire stations, law enforcement, hospitals, community centers, and schools are shown. Clicking on these locations and the Fire Areas will provide information.

Agency: NM Department of Information Technology
Developer: Earth Data Analysis Center/UNM


New Mexico Public School Facilities:

The New Mexico Public Schools Facility Authority Statewide Web Map displays public school information within New Mexico. Information including school enrollment numbers, school capacity calculations, the New Mexico Facilities Database ranking information, and community assets are presented in tabular and graphical formats. In addition, a companion site provides metrics on PSCOC school building projects across New Mexico.

Agency: New Mexico Public Schools Facility Authority
Developer: Earth Data Analysis Center/UNM


Land Office Geographic Information Center (LOGIC):

The New Mexico State Land Office is responsible for the management of nearly nine million acres of surface lands and thirteen million acres of subsurface rights, held in trust for the citizens of New Mexico. The Land Office Geographic Information Center supports this mission with several Web mapping applications pertaining to the status of New Mexico's trust lands. The applications, including one designed to convey general land status information and others more specifically targeted to the needs of the oil and gas industry, enable users to search for relevant data in a variety of ways, identify the range of activities occurring on state trust lands and produce printable PDF maps.

Agency: New Mexico State Land Office


New Mexico Road Conditions: is an Advanced Traveler Information System (ATIS) website published by the New Mexico Department of Transportation. The site provides the public with real-time road conditions by integrating cameras, message signs, road construction information, current weather conditions, and general transit and rest area information.

Agency: NM Department of Transportation